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GMSV Update


We recognise your passion for our GMSV brand and thank you for choosing a Chevrolet product.  Like many, GMSV continue experiencing ongoing and often unpredictable COVID related challenges that keep disrupting the timely delivery of vehicles.


Specifically, vehicle delivery schedules have been impacted by ongoing production and supply-chain disruptions. This, combined with shipping and transport shortages and additional quarantine requirements, has contributed to delays across our product lines and specific order ETAs.


We appreciate that these setbacks impact some orders and we understand how extremely frustrating this is. We encourage you to continue working with your local GMSV Dealer who may provide updates as they become available, with the understanding that they are dealing with impacts beyond their control and in some cases may not have an update to provide.


Thank you for your continued patience as we work with our partners and suppliers, both here and overseas, to manage the increased complexity around our vehicle supply and distribution, as we work to minimize the impact